Moon Stones


Moon Stones Collection is an upcoming graphic adventure rpg game on the WAX blockchain. The main characters will be 1000 different collectible NFT cards, hand drawn and minted in 1 copy only. Available on AtomicHub.

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Cards List - Generation 4

All generations

The Generations

A total of 1000 unique NFT cards will be minted. The Mooners will be released in 20 generations of 50 cards each. A generation consists in the following character cards:

Rare Mooners will have increased stats, and Legendary Mooners will also have unique poses and accessories.


The Content

The character token card contains an high-resolution image of the Mooner. You can collect them all, or use it as your personal avatar (since there is only 1 copy of each card you can be assured nobody else will have your same avatar).
Each character has four stats: Strength, Resistance, Speed, Mana. These stats can be used in the upcoming online game to put together your personal party and fight the enemies to unlock new tradeable treasures and surprises.
For this purpose, equipment cards will be released to strenghten your heroes and defeat stronger enemies.

The Locations

Defeating enemies will unlock new Location cards; each of them will portrait a new beautiful location and will prove the strenght of your party of heroes and the journey they have made so far. Take your characters to this epic adventure in search of the legendary Moon Stones!

The Stones

The purpose of the game is collecting as more Stones as you can: these special cards can only be found defeating enemies, and collecting 3 of each type will grant special abilities to your character. The most difficult to find are the Moon Stones. These special stones will give your characters unbelievable powers.

The Style

The artwork style of the characters and environemnts is colorful and cartoony, and it is inspired by the fantasy comic strip Darkmoor I created for our association Acchiappasogni, which you can read for free here:

Darkmoor comic strip

In the future generations some of the Rare and Legendary Mooners will be taken directly from the comic strip, so you can start a crossover collection.


About us

Davide Quaroni

I'm an illustrator and comic artist from Italy. I worked for tabletop RPG franchises as Destino Oscuro, Musha Shugyo, Fate. I published my online comics. I'm also a web developer and I'm a crypto enthusiast, so I'm putting all my interests together for this project.

Marco Pagano

I'm a developer from Italy and I work as a full stack web developer. I have a lot of interests but too little time to pursue all of them. Involved in this project by Davide, I'm here to start a new adventure in a field I've never explored before.